TTC Project/MicroStation


TTC公车局, MTO 交通部及MUNICIPALITIES各级地方政府得到项目的起动资金而大兴土木。

而MICROSTATION这个制图软件也就受到大家的亲睐。 故此很多公司都对内部人员进行培训,所以我们要抓住这个机会, 接受这个挑战。

Part 1: Introduction to the TTC CADD Environment and Basic Design Functions

Part 2: Creating TTC levels, managing levels

Part 3: Advanced Element Creation, Hatching and Managing the Undo Process

Part 4: Elementary AccuDraw and Mastering AccuDraw Techniques: Building
Selection Sets, Using Fences and forming groups

Part 5: Changing, Manipulating and Modifying Design Components

Part 6: Continuing TTC sample project working with training courses, Text and
Annotation Tools Measuring, Designs and Developing Dimensioning Techniques

Part 7: Referencing Information, Paper space and Plotting Designs

Part 8: Combining AutoCAD with MicroStation in TTC Project. TTC project final


Mr. Hu, 拥有OLS 证书, 在西人大型咨询公司担任项目经理, 主持TTC项目,15年加国经验。